Tori Amos - Winter

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 It’s strange how almost each lyric pulls a different memory throughout the years.  

Tori Amos—-Silent All These Years

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My Tori 12 list


This was very difficult to compile! But here’s my heartfelt favorites from top to bottom. I love them all though! 

  1. little earthquakes
  2. night of hunters
  3. scarlet’s walk
  4. abnormally attracted to sin
  5. the beekeeper
  6. american doll posse
  7. under the pink
  8. boys for pele
  9. from the choirgirl hotel
  10. strange little girls
  11. to venus and back
  12. midwinter graces

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Tori Amos - Spark

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Anonymous: Selfie?


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Anonymous: I bet you look beautiful.

Aww thank you

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Anonymous: What do you look like naked?

I’ve answered this before on here. It’s not that great I’m tiny with small boobs and very pale with 4 tattoos. It’s not all that great

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I’m not like them

but I can pretend

the sun is gone

and I have a light

the day is done

and I’m having fun

I think I’m dumb

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